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Helping people plant and maintain one trillion trees.



Climate change is threatening our cities and our planet - atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are the highest they’ve been in 3 million years, causing rising sea levels, extreme weather events and extinction.

Restoring nature will help stop the effects of climate change​ - trees capture and store carbon, taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. Planting trees is a cost efficient way to restore our planet.

But fighting climate change is more than just planting trees. Securing funding, tree survival, and coordination about what's happening where is also needed.

NeuTreeLize helps communities secure funds to not only plant trees, but ensure their long-term survival. NeuTreeLize empowers communities to learn and take charge of the restoration projects that work for them.

NeuTreeLize connects funders with communities so trees can get all the mulch, water, and support they need. Funders can see their actions grow and thrive, literally. 

NeuTreeLize enables forestry departments to see all the trees sprouting and growing around their country, in one place. Goal tracking has never been easier.



NeuTreeLize is currently:

  • Securing partnerships with like-minded organisations in Africa, specifically community led restoration projects in Zimbabwe and Kenya 

  • Looking to grow our team and develop the app further for pilot testing and on-the-ground implementation

NeuTreeLize has pivoted since 2019! In the past, we focused on offsetting air travel by raising funds for tree planting and connecting travelers to tree planting volunteer opportunities. We have since learned that reforestation requires more than just planting trees and have pivoted to reflect this learning. 


Our past achievements include:

View our video below:



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Co-founder, Head of Partnerships & Product Implementation

Nelson is a Program Officer - Global Landscape Conservation for International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). He is based in Zimbabwe and holds a MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management from the University of Oxford. Nelson is responsible for the strategic preservation of landscapes covering wildlife and forestry habitats and communities whilst addressing key environmental and social challenges through efficient community engagement, applied innovative research and provision of resources. Nelson supports the development of project proposals, identifies funding opportunities, and assists with conducting Environmental and Social due diligence to ensure institutional goals and regional objectives are aligned. Nelson has extensive knowledge of community-based restoration projects in Africa and uses his connections to form NeuTreeLize’s partnerships and pilot projects.


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Head of Engineering

Kudakwashe is a software development engineer at Microsoft with over 10 years of experience and knowledge in a number of programming languages. He is currently based in Ireland but has also worked in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Kudakwashe will mentor an undergraduate student in the development of the NeuTreeLize app.



Co-Founder & Team Support

Charlie is an environmental innovator, exploring new ways to tackle climate change with technology-based solutions. She is currently a PhD student in the University of California, Santa Cruz’s Environmental Studies department studying plant sciences and sustainable development. She holds a MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management from the University of Oxford and has experience in industry sustainability analytics and community restoration programs. 



We are currently looking for partnerships and funding opportunities! Please drop us a line below with your interest. Want to beta test? Click Here.

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