Connecting travelers with volunteer

and donation opportunities

to neutralize

the tree debt. 



Climate change is threatening our cities and our planet - atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are the highest they’ve been in 3 million years, causing rising sea levels, extreme weather events and extinction.

The number of air passengers will double to 8 billion over the next 20 years, increasing carbon dioxide to even higher levels and jeopardizing life on Earth.

Restoring nature will help stop the effects of climate change​ - trees capture and store carbon, taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. Planting trees is a cost efficient way to offset plane emissions.

NeuTreeLize helps travelers offset their carbon footprint. NeuTreeLize converts air miles into the Tree Debt, or the number of trees needed to neutralize emissions. The Tree Debt can be payed off by volunteering to plant trees locally or by donating money to tree planting initiatives around the globe.

NeuTreeLize educates, connects and tracks. Understand the impact of air travel in a new way. Easily connect with tree planting opportunities. Track offsetting and share impact with friends.



NeuTreeLize has completed the initial ideation phase and is currently seeking funding to enter the product refinement phase through a series of design sprints.​ We are also seeking partnership opportunities. 

We secured $650 and refined our business canvas during the WWF Impactio pilot.

Visit our Medium page to follow our progress and learn more about our design strategy. Coming Soon



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Charlie Chesney is a conservation innovator and entrepreneur, exploring new ways to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss with design thinking and technology-based solutions. She holds a MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management from the University of Oxford and has experience in industry sustainability analytics and conservation field work, including planting trees with community restoration programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Co-Founder & Product Owner


Nelson Mhlanga is the Interim Environmental and Social Governance Director of Green Resources, East Africa's largest forest development and wood processing company with standing forest in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda and is one of the first companies globally to receive carbon revenue from its plantation forests with planted forests certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard. Nelson holds a MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management from the University of Oxford and has extensive experience in environmental sustainability and socio-economic impact analytics.

Co-Founder & Offsetting Adviser


Randy Champagne is a software engineer with 6 years experience in web development and 4 years in graphic design. Time and again he sees the destructive effects of injustice in the production of technology. In engineering school, he experienced the extreme emotional and psychological cost of the lack of cultural awareness in STEM education. Early in his career, he witnessed first-hand how decisions not rooted in a strong ethical framework yields technology that perpetuate systemic inequity. Randy is committed to using his expertise and access to disrupt these patterns. He builds cutting-edge technology to empower early-stage underrepresented and mission-based entrepreneurs. In his home country of Haiti, he runs workshops, hackathons and other educational activities to lower barriers to entry and help strengthen the emerging tech sector. He also actively mentors and advocates for nascent development and analytics agencies to help them break into the US IT marketplace.

Head of Product Development


NeuTreeLize seeks to impact economic justice by subcontracting 2 tech teams in Haiti: Code9Haiti for product engineering and Ayiti Analytics for data science. This is an unprecedented opportunity to help these young startups gain experience building robust scalable and highly available tech solutions with providing them fair remuneration for their work. This will be an exciting practicum where the teams level up through the application of proven UX design methodologies, cutting edge product engineering frameworks, and robust data science practices. Included in our initial budget, we will fund and support the continued learning and upskilling of our teams to contribute to Haiti’s growing economy and technology sector and lowering the barrier to entry to the US technology market. Learn more about Kay Tita.

Product Development Team




We are currently looking for partnerships and funding opportunities! Please drop us a line below with your interest. Want to beta test? Click Here.

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